May 132016

Once again, I was invited, by Nacera Guerin, to take part her poetry evening, as part of The Henley Arts Trail.

It was lovely, if nerve-wracking, to read some of my own poetry, and I had some great comments afterwards, which is always reassuring. We poets are sensitive souls at the best of times, let alone when we lay our words on the line, so to speak.

It was great to see Claire Dyer again, especially as she wrote the endorsement for Paper Swans’ Schooldays, which has been shortlisted for ‘Best Anthology’ in the Saboteur Awards (vote HERE – please!)

I went with two great friends and poets, Jill Munro and Jess Mookherjee, who also read. Thankfully, nobody took pics of me, but here’s some pics of Claire, Jess and Jill reading:

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Mar 062016
Alice Ekphrasis at The British Library

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Alice Ekphrasis at The British Library, an event conceived by Abegail Morley, Catherine Smith and Emer Gillespie An ekphrasis is (in my very basic terms) when one piece of artistic work is based on another, in this case it was poems written in response to the most renowned work […]

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Feb 102016
Would you like to restart in safe mode?

I am home this week as my youngest daughter has chicken-pox. I can’t say I mind. I’ve been waiting for her to get it (she’s 6) and next week is half term, so it minimises my time off work slightly. I have taken the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning. At the moment, […]

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Jan 222016
Highs and Lows

It’s been hectic for months now and the wealth of submissions Paper Swans Press had for its latest anthology meant that we were late in replying to those who had submitted (which made me tetchy) and also meant it was a much more difficult job then we had anticipated. We have, finally, selected the pieces […]

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Jan 032016
Changing Lanes

Like many others, I thought a New Year blog post was required and, as I am always one for introspection, when better to reflect than at new year?  I won’t bore you with the multitude of resolutions I have (the usual suspects) but one key element to 2016 will be changing lanes. I spent most […]

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Jan 032016

I was thrilled to have my #quirkychristmas poem, Holiday Inn, published over on Abegail Morley’s The Poetry Shed. Read it here.

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Oct 162015
Agenda Poetry Festival - Patience Agbabi

I have spent the afternoon at the Agenda Poetry Festival with Patience Agbabi. Well, I wasn’t with her as such, but I was listening to her and then took part in a workshop she led. Held at Mayfield School, which is fortunately just up the road from me, she read a variety of her poems, including […]

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Jul 252015
The Emma Press 'Slow Things' Launch

Last week, I attended The Emma Press launch of ‘Slow Things’, their new anthology, in which I am featured (p30 if you’re interested) about things that are slow. But you had probably guessed that. It was held at The Rambert Dance Studios where, surprisingly, there was a sign up instructing us not to jump for fear […]

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Jun 172015

More good news from me – I have had a poem accepted by Prole for their August issue. This has really perked me up – two acceptances in as many months and both from publishers I respect and admire. I am off to the Emma Press ‘Slow Things’ launch in July and then August holds […]

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May 252015

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I have had a poem accepted by The Emma Press, who I adore. I have been sending them submissions for a long time now and so it is very exciting to have my poem, Stuck in a Traffic Jam on The M25, accepted for their forthcoming anthology, […]

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