Jan 012017

If ever there was a year that I was glad to see the back of, it was 2016. Along with a great swathe of the world’s population, I suspect. However, I don’t want to reflect on a bad year, but look ahead to a new one. As well as my usual resolutions, this year I have decided on a 2017 bucket list, too — things I would like to do in the coming year. Nothing terribly exciting, I’m afraid and I’m sure I’ll add to the list as the months come and go, but I plan to start the year by making marmalade, mainly because Seville oranges are in season and I’ve alway wanted to make it. Largely because I love the stuff. Call me Paddington.
Paddington Marmalade

I will also be straight into ‘Dry January’, which will be a challenge. Stupid month to do it, really. I have always thought January to be the bleakest of months: the come-down from Christmas hullabaloo, grey, cold weather and half the population trying to lose weight/stop drinking and feeling crotchety all the time. I suppose, we can, at least, all be crotchety together.

Poetry-wise, it looks like an interesting year; publishing with Paper Swans and (hopefully) getting some more of my own poems published. Also, I will be speaking at a poetry event in February about publishing and the poetry world, so that’s very exciting. February is pretty jam-packed of exciting things, actually. I have been booking things up right, left and centre, not least attending the Gin Festival in London. Hurrah!

gin bottles

So, here’s to 2017! Happy New Year, whoever and wherever you are x

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