Feb 102016

brain-is-fullI am home this week as my youngest daughter has chicken-pox. I can’t say I mind. I’ve been waiting for her to get it (she’s 6) and next week is half term, so it minimises my time off work slightly.

I have taken the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning. At the moment, my head feels like I have too many tabs open and everything is grinding to a halt. I am finding it hard to get on top of things and have had a few bouts of insomnia to help it all along. While I have been physically restricted in getting some things sorted (not being able to leave the house ‘n all), I have had a virtual clear out (deleted LOADS of old files, crappy poems, random photos and sorted some websites out), I have had a actual clear out (keep, charity shop, dump) and I am having a bit of a spiritual clear out too.

Lent starts today and I have given up alcohol at home (I know, *slight* cop-out) and bread. How very Eucharistic of me. I might not be into starving myself and self-flagellation, but I do like to take the opportunity to think about ‘life’ and reflect on doing some things better. Most of the time, this involves not getting quite so cross about being responsible for, what seems like, everything and trying to spend more time with the kids.

Tomorrow, I am planning a mental clear out. Shutting down some of those tabs and trying to get my head sorted out. No doubt, there will be lists. I do love a list.

I started the day feeling a little overwhelmed, but have spent much of the day conquering the poetry mountain (mine and others) and suddenly, at about 4 o’clock, I got all proactive which has made me feel much better. I wrote things, sent things and wrote some more things. I planned and schemed and, even more than lists, I like a plan. Or two.

If only I could celebrate with a nice glass of Chablis and a piece of toast…

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  1. I’m taking you out into the street for alcohol on Saturday – that isn’t ‘at home’!!

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