Feb 272014

It’s been a busy few weeks and my writing time seems to be bearing the brunt. These things happen and I usually enjoy writing late at night when the house is asleep and it’s just me, my macbook and a glass of wine. However, hectic days lead to tired eyes and my bed has called me. So today when I woke up with a rush of Spring in my step I suddenly felt the unfamiliar catalyst of energy which has prompted me to clear my desk and start scribbling down some ideas.

On the topic of doing something, I have recently re-ordered some business cards and thought I might share them with you. I decided that if I was going to get the word out, I might as well do it on my cards, so I have designed some little cards from Moo.com with quotes from my writing on the front. I was rather pleased with them and Moo have sent me a link which gets new customers 10% off their order and also gives me some credit, so if you are thinking of getting some cards printed, click here. Nothing sponsored or anything, but just a discount from (in my opinion) and excellent company and with lots of conferences etc coming up I think it’s good to share…

Let’s face it, nobody else is going to do it for you!


On Tuesday, once again, I took part in Stephanie Arsoska’s Open Mic Night. It had been a looong day and I am half asleep but it was great to get the opportunity to read some stuff out loud. Even if my last one did go on a bit…sorry about that.

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