Feb 252015

I have taken the plunge and finally bucked up the courage to book an online course at The Poetry School. I have bought a few of downloadable courses and they’re really useful, but there’s nothing like interaction which is something that thrills me and scares me. Like most creative-types, my passion for writing is fuelled by self-doubt and recurring waves of hopelessness.

I have booked the course on prose poems. These are not a genre of poetry I know a lot about and, seeing as I am a poetry and flash fiction writer, I thought they might actually suit me pretty well. The course starts in May, allowing me a while to read the coursework book and familiarise myself with prose poems. I’ll keep you posted and may even subject you to a few of my early attempts. I have no shame!

In other news, I am super-busy with Paper Swans, more so since the launch of The Darker Side of Love last month. ‘Swans’ was an apt choice as I try to glide through the internet with grace and dignity, but behind the scenes my admin legs are going ninety to the dozen! I am still wishing/hoping I will be able to give up the day job at some point and run it a a bona fide small business. We’ll see…big dreams.

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