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Like m2016any others, I thought a New Year blog post was required and, as I am always one for introspection, when better to reflect than at new year?  I won’t bore you with the multitude of resolutions I have (the usual suspects) but one key element to 2016 will be changing lanes.

I spent most of 2015 in the fast lane; Paper Swans took flight in a big way and I bit off rather more than I could chew with a three-weekends/cities-in-a-row launch of ‘Schooldays’ in the summer. We did it and it was great, but it was exhausting, expensive and ate into my family’s summer holidays. My own poetry kept speeding along too, not so much with getting a lot published (although I was proud to get accepted by Prole and The Emma Press) but with the number of courses I took on at The Poetry School and then September exploded with new poetry groups and projects to join and, yes, start. Not busy enough, I formed The Poetry Shelf with Abegail Morley and Jill Munro which is a collective effort to promote poetry through events in Kent and Sussex.

So, December being a time for reflection as well as celebration, I realised that I needed some balance and couldn’t be in the fast lane in every aspect of my life. Well, not at the same time.

Paper Swans is destined for the outside lane a while longer with an anthology and pamphlets in the pipeline. My own poetry is definitely hogging the middle lane at a steady 70mph while life in general is being relegated to the slow lane. I find life too fast anyway and I largely blame technology and the need to have/know everything NOW. I read books, not kindles. I make lists on paper, not an iPad. I want my kids to know what it is to finally finish the jigsaw that’s been on the kitchen table for a week rather than being glued to an app or screen of some sort. So, my personal mission is to slow it down, enjoy life as it happens and not always be thinking about the next thing on the list.

Having said that, I would like to blog more; I used to blog daily and I actually really miss it. I currently have five blogs/websites which are all somewhat neglected and so I have decided to archive my original blog and write on here, not just about poetry and writing, but about life in general; thoughts, dreams and schemes…that sort of thing. I find blogging very cathartic and I need to do more of it. My food blog will simmer gently in the background (pardon the pun) and the others need a bit more regular attention, which I will schedule in as and when.

So, there we are; the general aim for 2016 is to pace myself, enjoy the view and embrace whatever life flings at me. Failing that, there’s always gin…


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  1. It’s very cool that your poetry is making you so busy, I guess not busy enough to make it the only thing you do? Funny we’ve both reached the point where we miss blogging regularly I find though I have less to say in my parenting blog now though and most of my inspiration is focused on my running blog.
    Happy new year, hope it’s a good one.

    • Happy New Year to you too, Ben! Yes, we seem to be in tandem, blogging-wise. Just made Hello Wall private…can’t bring myself to close it down, but want to close the cover on it. Harder than you’d think, technically speaking, no thanks to WordPress.

      tbc…on here!

  2. Ah I’m glad to hear you will be blogging again. I too find it cathartic, when I don’t feel under pressure to commit to a schedule or be/do anything in particular. Love your writing. Happy 2016!

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