May 252015

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I have had a poem accepted by The Emma Press, who I adore. I have been sending them submissions for a long time now and so it is very exciting to have my poem, Stuck in a Traffic Jam on The M25, accepted for their forthcoming anthology, Slow Things. I think the title is only just shorter than the poem, but I shall be hopefully reading it at their launch in July.

Tomorrow, I have the first online meeting for the prose poetry course I am doing with The Poetry School. Also on my course is the most excellent, Maggie Sawkins, Ted Hughes Prize-winner and published in Paper Swans’ first anthology, The Darker Side of Love. So, no pressure then!

I am intrigued by prose poetry, which often seems to cross over with my other love, flash fiction. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes, but I am there to learn and improve as a poet, so it’s all good.

I went on an excellent course last week held at Faber and Faber (I was like an Elvis fan arriving at Graceland!). It was about how to get published and, even though I am not planning to write a novel, it was really interesting and the literary agents (Janklow and Nesbit) and publisher (Harper Collins) dispelled all myths about agents/publishers being scary beasts who will eat you, and your manuscript, alive.

Author, Julia Bell, put paid to rumours about the worth of creative writing courses (she recommends them, but find a good one) and Clare Conville (lit agent for Vernon God Little, Before I go to Sleep) was honest, but inspiring and had some great anecdotes to share.

Although not wholly useful for my writing, it was a thoroughly insightful day and I got some great information should I ever wish pen more than flash fiction…

So, that’s me. Busy, busy with Paper Swans (in the throes of publishing ‘Schooldays’) and trying to keep myself afloat at the same time. Keeping those balls in the air…just.

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