Feb 102017

So, yesterday, it was brought to my attention that my website had been hacked. A new one on me and I’m not sure how, but it’s alway unnerving when someone accesses your privacy. Luckily, they just put up an anti-isis post and ran away; my site seem to be in tact and nothing lost. However, I’ll only be convinced of this when nothing else pops up or comes to bite me on the bum in a few weeks/months time.

Conversely, I was anything but hacked off last night as I was at The British Library seeing Carol Ann Duffy. I bought her book, Rapture, over 10 years ago and it was the first poetry book I remember buying for a very long time and I loved it completely. I brought me back to reading and writing poetry and made me fall back in love with love. So, it was such a privilege last night to meet Carol Ann and have her sign my copy. Funny how a signature can mean so much, but it was a beautiful personal touch to a book that means an awful lot to me.

carol ann duffy rapture

This weekend I am speaking on a panel at The Only Way is Indie at The Nottingham Writers’ Studio. Nothing like being a panel to bring out one’s imposter syndrome. Maybe I should go on like Sia, in a big hat so nobody can see my panicked face! Actually, to tell the truth, I’m rather looking forward to it and with these things, all you can do is be honest and offer your opinion. Some will take it, some won’t and some may do a bit of browsing before they decide.

Masses to do this coming week with Paper Swans too, sending out final proofs, sending out acceptances/rejections and picking another fight with photoshop. I’ve yet to win the war with that one…

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