Jul 252016

I haven’t blogged for a very long time. No time. No energy. No time…

However, I have made some ‘life’ decisions (stay with me) and, as I already share far too much on Facebook as it is, I thought I would expunge my need to share in a blog post instead.

I reached a point a few months ago where I wanted to change my lifestyle. Too much wine, no exercise, not enough sleep etc. And, a few weeks ago, I decided to do something about it. I have also had a few inner turmoils to deal with and, finally, I think I might have the better of them.

Nothing I am about to say is any great shakes in the whole scheme of things, but for me I am putting some things to bed and waking others up. So, my plan is to on a six week lease. I am giving myself until the end of August to see a change and make that change happen. The plan is:

° Go back to being vegetarian. I was a veggie for 18 years before I started eating fish again. Every time I eat it, the taste is tainted by my brain thinking of it as an animal (don’t tut at my classification). Fish is lovely, but I don’t want to eat it any more. I was  never a pescatarian; I was a vegetarian who ate fish. For a while.

° Run a mile a day. Or, a mile and a half, as it turns out. I started today and, apart from the 10 minutes where I couldn’t talk and just wanted to climb into the fridge (midday run — duh), I have felt great all day. I like that my legs hurt and I like that I have no excuses not to allow 20 minutes a day for a run and to exercise my dog. He’s my official running buddy (and general shadow).

° Cut back on the wine. Don’t need it and the less I drink, the less I want to. Pure habit and the perpetuation of ‘wine o’clock’ on social media makes you think it’s OK. It’s not.

° Read more. I always feel guilty about reading. It’s such a selfish activity and it feels self-indulgent to allow myself the time to do it. Note to self: be more selfish.

° Write more. (see above)

° Eat healthily. No brainer really and, to be fair, I eat pretty well. I don’t like cake, not fond of chocolate or puddings but do have a penchant for nuts and crisps. They can go. And carbs need to go. Not in a manic Atkins style, but my body doesn’t like them and punishes me for eating them. Worth it? Probably not. I’m not ‘going on a diet’. To be fair, I’ve pretty much been on a diet since I was 17, as my school-friends will testify. I just want to eat when I’m hungry and (luckily) I love veggies (hate fruit — bleugh). As an aside, why do we indoctrinate children to finish your plate? No! If you’ve had enough, stop eating.

° Ballet. Always loved it. As a child, *whispers* GCSE Dance, at drama school. So, I’ve signed up for an adult ballet class, starting in September. Please God, don’t make me wear a leotard.


There are some other decisions to make too, but these are enough to be getting on with. And I feel good about them, they don’t seem onerous or a chore on the never-ending ‘To Do’ list. Which is good. Do-able. Possible.

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