Jun 172015

More good news from me – I have had a poem accepted by Prole for their August issue. This has really perked me up – two acceptances in as many months and both from publishers I respect and admire. I am off to the Emma Press ‘Slow Things’ launch in July and then August holds the Paper Swans Press summer tour, so I will be very busy with that.

I am really enjoying my Poetry School course on prose poetry and I have been inspired to send off a prose poem for submission. I’m not convinced it will be accepted, but I like the fact that I now have the courage to try, whereas before, my confidence with prose poetry was non-existent. I will definitely be writing more of it (when I get a spare moment!) and hope to be able to produce some half-decent stuff.

In the meanwhile, I have an anthology launch to negotiate. If anyone wants the perfect end of term teacher present, you can find it HERE!

I know; shameless self-promotion…

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