Busy? Just a bit…

…and yet I find time to sneak in a long overdue blog post. Hurrah. About time and, actually, part of my new ‘plan’ to restore some sanity in what scraps of ‘me time’ I can glean from my many commitments (my own doing, of course!).

Personal stuff aside (and there’s plenty of it), I haven’t stopped recently with projects and plans, dreams and schemes. With Paper Swans, I have already published 5 books, with 6 more in the editing pile and one other launching next month. Oh, and our pamphlet prize closes on Saturday. In amongst all that, I ran (with the much-needed help of Abi and Jill) the inaugural Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival and am in the throes of getting next year’s to plan so I can apply for funding. Oh, and next week a theatre piece I have script edited and stage directed is going on at the Hastings Fringe. Here’s the trailer…I’m thoroughly excited about it:

I been working on this with the very marvellous and stupidly talented Alex Metcalfe (Piano/Satie) and Keith Lovegrove (Film) and have enjoyed every minute of it. Editing the script (Satie’s own words) and then translating them into the original French was time-consuming but an utterly enjoyable task and I gave myself une tape dans le dos when I finished and drank several large glasses of France’s finest Macon Villages.

I am a teacher in my day job and, as you can imagine, end-of-term mayhem is at full swing, not to mention reports, school play, etc. I am also starting a new job as Head of English in September, so need to do a lot of tying up of loose ends and making plans/fostering ideas for next year. Exciting times.

Personally, I’ve made some big decisions and I am feeling much more grounded and positive about the way forward. There are those that scoff, but I have always followed my intuition and gut-feeling over that sensible thing called the brain and something tells me there is something unexpected and exciting lurking in the nearish future. Not sure what, when, how…but I am certain a big change will come and nothing to do with any of the other stuff I’ve been going on about. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, I plan to spend the summer camping (don’t ask) and writing for myself. I have a small book up my sleeve and want to explore some short fiction. Just for myself, too. No pressure to send any of it off or ‘achieve’. I just want to write. I’m booked on to a one-day Poetry School course next month with Jill and I’m really looking forward to it. I will also be doing shed loads of editing as I have a pile of overdue stuff and some exciting projects on the horizon.


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