Erik Satie comes to Hastings Fringe Festival

I’m still buzzing from Wednesday night when we performed our debut of our new theatre piece, Mémoires d’un Amnésique, a multimedia piece about the life and works of the composer, Erik Satie. There is live piano and an accompanying film, narrated in French (by Bastien Mouzay) with English subtitles. All of the text is excerpts of Satie’s own words which I edited to form a script. I made sure I used the original French from Satie’s writings which was a very interesting (and long) mission to undertake and it polished up my schooldays French.

We performed as part of the Hastings Fringe at The Stables Theatre, Hastings. Each part of the set was a nod to nuances of Satie, played by Alex Metcalfe who performed his pieces on a beautiful grand piano, with a suitably Satie-esque film by Keith Lovegrove screened in accompaniment.

We played to a full house — sold out on our first performance! We’re meeting this week to discuss plans for the future, but definitely intend to take it ‘on tour’, so I’ll keep you posted on dates and venues.

It was amazing to be in a theatre again. I trained as an actress in my 20s and miss it a lot; the buzz of a show — on and off stage — fills me with, what feels like, an innate excitement.

The first night of our first venture as Amusia Productions was a resounding success.

I’ve posted it before, but here’s the trailer to give you an idea…

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  • Cath Forestier
    3 years ago

    I sadly missed the performance at Stables, Hastings, but would love to know if you are doing another performance in Hastings? thanks CF

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