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I notice I have been remiss in updating this site. Last time was over a year ago, and lots has happened to share, but time has eluded me. So, it is with tardiness that I update with news of our show, Mémoires d’un Amnésique.

Suffice to say, I write this on the train from Dublin and we are headed to the Galway Fringe Festival, where we will be performing twice before we move on to the Manchester Fringe on Saturday.

The show has changed and grown a lot since last year and I am so utterly proud of it. It is polished and more creative in its interpretations of Satie’s life. Whereas last year it was still quite raw, it now has carefully crafted nuances and gentle nods towards Satie’s surreal and beautifully quirky existence. 

As a team (#teamamusia), we can’t wait to start the European tour: Galway, Manchester, Edinburgh…London, France, Denmark and (ahem) Tunbridge Wells to come, with more dates in the wings.

Hope you can come and see it.

Team Amusia: Alex Metcalfe, Keith Lovegrove, Sarah Miles

More info here: amusia.co.uk

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