Ready, Set….Write!

10409564_874798889237535_7341000915540181432_nAh, yes. The new year brings new resolve and mine is to get something published. This means more writing, better writing, more editing and actually submitting my poems (helps!). The Poetry Fairy (well, a very lovely friend) gave me a voucher to have 5 poems critiqued with Wendy Pratt and her advice has given me the confidence to keep going and made me realise that although most some of my work is utter shite, some of it is actually not bad and with editing and tlc, it might actually stand a chance of getting published.

I have been so busy with Paper Swans, that I have somewhat neglected my own writing. It’s all down to free time, which is a rare commodity in my household, and although January is going to be utter madness with the upcoming publication of Paper Swans’ first anthology, I also need to put some time aside for me to write. This time is late at night. There is simply no interrupted time until then and, luckily, I am a full-on night owl and my husband likes to go to bed fairly early. I know I have limitations and I don’t want to get too specific, but if I can write something every day – even if it’s just a line or some ideas, then I feel I will make more progress. I am aiming for a couple of poems a week, some editing and maintaining my flash fiction entry to the Friday Flash Fiction. I also have a secret little prose project on the go, so I want to work on that too. The other thing I really want to make more time for is reading, both poetry and prose. Believe me, I have enough books lined up of both genres and I am an avid believer that the more you read, the better you write.

One thing I am excellent at, is procrastinating. So, with no time like the present, I’d better go and scrawl a few lines…


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