The Emma Press ‘Slow Things’ Launch

Slow-Things-productLast week, I attended The Emma Press launch of ‘Slow Things’, their new anthology, in which I am featured (p30 if you’re interested) about things that are slow. But you had probably guessed that. It was held at The Rambert Dance Studios where, surprisingly, there was a sign up instructing us not to jump for fear the building would crumble around us, or words to that effect. I might have done a sneaky jeté in the loo, but don’t tell!

It was a lovely evening where I bumped into the lovely Claire Dyer who has been a recent judge over at Paper Swans and I also had the pleasure of meeting Alison Brackenbury, who was absolutely delightful. I read my poem which was somewhat of an oxymoron being a three-line and thus very quick poem about something that is actually very slow (the M25). It was great to say hello to Emma and Rachel again and my thanks to them for publishing my little poem. I have been attempting to get published by The Emma Press for two years now and I was delighted to finally get accepted.

And, it just goes to show that small can be beautiful. I love short poems and have just signed up for the short poem course at The Poetry School next term, as well as the course about women. Having just completed my prose poetry course (which was great) I was very keen to sign up again for the next term. If you are a poet, do check out the courses and also Campus, which is The Poetry School’s version of Facebook.

Anyway, here I am looking a bit scruffy around the edges, but clutching my lovely anthology and not jumping.

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